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Physma byrsaeum (Ach.) Tuck. , legitimate, scientific
Tuck. (1882), Synopsis of the North American Lichens 1: 115 [comb. nov.]
P.McCarthy (Comp.) (2016), Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories: - ABRSL [secondary reference]
orthographic variant: Physma byrsinum (Ach.) Tuck. orth. var. taxonomic synonym: Collema hypolasium Stirt. legitimate taxonomic synonym: Lempholemma hypolasium (Stirt.) Zahlbr. legitimate misapplication: Physma amphiurium (Nyl.) Zahlbr. legitimate
  • ABRSL Dist.: ChI, Qld, NSW, NI, Extra-Aust.
  • Comment: P.McCarthy notes the orthographic variant Physma byrsinum orth. var. (Ach.) Tuck.
  • Comment: P.McCarthy records that Physma amphiurium (Nyl.) Zahlbr. has been misapplied to this taxon in Australia but does not cite any references in which this occurred.
  • Lichen tag: Oceanic Islands